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Periodic tests are found necessary to assess the performance of Students. It also promotes healthy competition among them and helps them make aware of their own shortcomings and failures in their study habits by getting them graded again and again.

Important Information’s about Exams

  • 4 FA & 2 SA will be conducted to assess the progress and promotion of every student.
  • Evaluations will be done under C.C.E method.
  • Project & internal Evaluations’ will be part of the assessment.
  • To apper for the examinations student and parent has to complete the formalities.
  • 90% of attendence is required for examinations & promotions.
    After each assessment parents have to check the student’s progress and sign the progress report.
  • Total marks of two FA tests, SA and the internal assessment will be the final mark .
  • Parents are welcome to consult the subject Teachers to make out the defects and common mistakes committed by their children in their answer sheets within the limited time announced after the results of each test.
  • Any kind of malpractice in the tests, attempted or intended by any Student, is punishable with suspension or expulsion from the tests or from School according to the gravity of the offence.