Student’ s Training


You probably already know about the sports teams at your schools, but there are also many opportunities to participate outside of those. Sports facility at school includes:
  1. ATHLETICS- Running, High- jump, Long jump, Discuss throw.
  3. KHO-KHO


Karate is a great form of exercise which provides a whole body workout with an emphasis on balance, co-ordination and aerobic fitness. The complex movements required by karate also challenge the mind and fully engage the young student as they try and master the stances and blocks, punches and kicks, plus Japanese terms and language. We do have the facility of Karate in our school. Every Wednesdays we have karate for our students. And we have acquired many taluk and state level awards from our students.

We know that through Karate children are able to not only achieve a massive improvement in their grades but also, it helps them in their life in the following areas;
  1. Self Esteem and Confidence
  2. Focus and Self Discipline
  3. Physical and Mental Strength
  4. Emotional Stress and Health
  5. Honesty, Self awareness and Respect
  6. Self defense


Classical Dance and Music should always be a part of our school-activities. This Art is not only the quintessence of Sweetness, Beauty and Power of our eternal Culture, but it is also a prayer and meditation, attracting divine Blessings, happiness and peace of mind.

To counterbalance today’s tough competition and the need to acquire best marks in school, in spite of a difficult syllabus, Dance and Music play a very important role. They soothe and relax the minds of over-stressed school-children and at the same time they educate the children and stimulate their concentration and creativity.


Whether your child is the next Beyonce or more likely to sing his/her solos in the shows, He/she is bound to benefit from some form of music education. Research shows that learning the do-re-mi’s can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs. If you want to try playing an instrument or singing, there are many opportunities to try music-related activities. These are usually available in our school community. Music in Our School have all the benefits of having quality music education our students also participate in the carol singing competitions and many more musical activities of the school.

Band Set Training

Christ school provides a suitable forum to showcase the talents of students in various aspects that helps in the holistic development of students. School Band Team is formed and special training is given to them by good trainers. Scouts And Guides